Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wangsa Jelita

I'm so happy this week :) :)
I got packet from wangsa jelita last Thursday,
I already used wangsa jelita green tea natural & healthy lotion for couple days, I got the sample of this lotion from my Lolabox January Edition, you can read the review here.
Wangsa jelita love my reviewed there, and they ask me permission to post my review and picture on their socmed, and they sent me a full size lotion.
So, I made this post as a thank you gift.
landed safely :)
I'm happy to make them happy :)
 Here is the content:
Green tea Natural Body Scrub and Natural & Healthy Lotion
Honestly, I quite shocked, in a good way, because they said they will send me only a lotion, but they sent me this two awesome products.
I'M SO HAPPY... :) :)
Lets talk about them.

1. Wangsa Jelita Green Tea Natural & Healthy Lotion:

This lotion smells so good, so natural, just like real green tea.
So different than another lotion which said that they product is natural smell like artificial green tea, so far from natural.
This lotion is very soft, easy to absorbed by the skin, not greasy even after contact with water, and moisturize skin very well.
You can see the texture of the lotion here:
the liquid is not to thick, but really hydrating, I LOVE IT.
I have a very dry skin, and I hate it.
I have a lot of lotion in my home and office, but none of the last longer, I mean, use them for 1-3 days and then I feel like they not good enough for my super dry skin, and feel greasy, so I quit.
BUT, this lotion is amazing, I've been using this lotion more than a week and still using it because its really work, my skin get better, not too dry anymore, and I love the smell very much.
Sometime I take a little amount of the lotion just to enjoy the smell :)

2. Wangsa Jelita Green Tea Natural Body Scrub:

I love scrubbing my skin. I scrub my skin once or twice a month. And I can't wait to use this scrub.
The smell is so good, so natural, just like the lotion.
You can see the texture here:
I tried to rub it in my skin, and the scrub are so soft, so gentle, It wont hurt your skin like other type of body scrub.
I already tried this body scrub yesterday and I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH. Its very soft, it doesn't hurt my skin when scrubbing process, I ever use scrubs that make my skin sore, I hate that. All the dirt on my skin disappear so easily, other than that, I like my skin after rinsing, because it is not slippery but still moist.


Couple days ago, when I first got my Wangsa Jelita Green tea lotion from Lolabox, I feel like I heard this product before, but I can't remember where, when or from who I heard this brand, until I found an old email from my manager former secretary, its contain attachment like this:
I got curious about wangsa jelita, and decided to visit their website: 
Wangsa jelita has a packet called Woman Power which is a packet contain Wangsa Jelita Green Tea True Natural & Healthy lotion, Green Tea True Natural Body Scrub and Green Tea Bar Natural Soap. Woman Power is an ambassador package Wangsa Jelita result of cooperation with Komnas Perempuan dan Yayasan Indonesia untuk Kemanusiaan in program called Pundi Perempuan. 25% of these sales will be distributed to programs Pundi Perempuan for further use in helping Indonesian women who are victims of violence. And the price just 112,000 IDR, Its one of the most easiest way to help other woman. 

Wangsa Jelita has product such as 5 variant of bar soaps that you can choose by your skin type, 2 variant of body scrubs (rose and green tea), 3 variant of hand and body lotions (rose, green tea & vanilla), and relaxing lavender beauty oil, which all product 100% NATURAL. All wangsa jelita products are skin-friendly and eco-friendly.

If you want to know more about wangsa jelita, please visit their website:
For further information you can ask:
BlackBerry PIN: 32753E34
WhatsApp: 0888 232 7198
twitter: @wangsajelita
facebook: Wangsa Jelita
Line: wangsajelita

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