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Sephora Favorites Superstars Kit 2014

Since I saw Tati's or you knew her as Glam Life Guru review this kit at her channel (you can see her review here: SEPHORA FAVORITES | Hot or Not), I really want it. It's a great kit with a great value.
So lets talk about it.
Right after I saw Tati's video, I visit and send them email to ask if they can send that kit internationally, and they said they can't. And I ask Sephora Singapore if they have that kit on their store because here, in Indonesia, the kit are not available. The next day, sephora singapore reply my email, and the kit not available there either.
My heart break into pieces. I really want this kit so bad. There's a lot of items in the kit that I really want to try.
So I try to find it at eBay. I knew that ebay price more than sephora original price, but do I have another choice? No. So, I got my lovely kit here. There's another choice at ebay, but the seller, deysi20 offer the best price (include delivery cost), as you probably knew that delivery cost from USA to Indonesia not that cheap.

The kit's original price at sephora is $75.00, but I got it at ebay for $98.00 (include delivery cost) or IDR 1,232,773 ($1 = IDR 12,579) *USD is effin crazy high that time* *sigh*.
And after wait about 2 weeks, the kit arrived.
 This is whats inside the box... Oh my God, I'm so exited...
Whats inside:

    It's full size items and worth $21.00 or IDR 360,000.00 and thank God the color match my hair. My hair is dark brown with a little touch of red. I've been wanting to try this brow wiz for long time, but the price here in Indonesia is so high, and I don't want to spend that much money on brow product. So I'm so happy when I knew that this brow wiz included in this kit, this one of so many reason I want for this kit so bad. I wish Sephora will include Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in next year kit.

This little baby here is my number one favorite item above all. People said that argan oil is a liquid gold. Yes it as expensive as gold and as good as gold for your skin. this little baby here (15ml/ 0.5 fl.oz) will cost you $16.00 or 265,000.00. It's come in 3 size, 15ml $16, 50ml $48, and 120ml $96. I know, that's very expensive, but I loveeeeee this oil soooo much. I've been using this oil for almost 2 weeks, I use it as night moisturizer and in the morning my skin feels amazing. I use it on my face, my lips, my eyebrow, and under my eyes because I have a very dark circle on my eye, and in the morning, my face and lips feel soft, my dark circle is getting better, not completely gone, but it's getting better.
You an use this oil at your hair, your elbow, heels, lips, and all over your body. You can add few drops of it to your favorite body lotion or hair serum or hair vitamin.
Argan oil contains tocopherols (vitamin E), phenols, carotenessqualene, and fatty acids, (80% unsaturated fatty acids)The main natural phenols in argan oil are caffeic acidoleuropeinvanillic acidtyrosolcatecholresorcinol, (-)-epicatechin and (+)-catechin.
Depending on the extraction method, argan oil may be more resistant to oxidation than olive oil.  -  (source)
If you don't want to spend that much money on argan oil by Josie Maran, you can find another brand, as long as it's organic and cold processed. You can choose Organ Oil by MUAC for cheaper option.

3. NARS Cosmetic Blush - Orgasm
    I believe every body already knew about this lovely expensive (at least for me) blush. The shade include at this kit is Orgasm which is everybody's favorite. I don't know how to describe the shade, it's peachy pink with a little shimmer on it, very beautiful and suitable for any skin tone or skin color. It gives you a healthy blushing effect on your cheeks, just perfect.

NARS Blush Orgasm
This blush will cost you $30.00 or about IDR 450,000.00, the price is quite high, but this is a high quality blush, it's worth it.

    This eye liner will stay on your lid all day like literally all day. It's waterproof, the color is so intense like super black, it wont smudge as long as you didn't rub your ayes extremely. I have a oily lids and because I'm a Muslim, I have to wudu and pray twice in afternoon, and my eye liner still in place. It very easy to use, glide smoothly, and very easy to make a winged eyeliner.
This wonderful eyeliner will cost you $20.00 or around IDR 280,000.00. I don't know if I will buy this eye liner after finish this one, because 280,000.00 for just one eye liner is a bit expensive for me. I usually use Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner which is cost me only around IDR 70,000.00 or around $7.00 maybe I'm gonna back to maybelline hahaha..

    Sin is very beautiful champagne color, perfect to brighten your eyes, just put it right in the inner corner of your eyes, and your eyes will look beautiful.

This shadow will cost you $18.00 or IDR 225,000.00. It's a little pricey for single eye shadow, but in this shade, it will last forever because you'll use it just a little.

    First time I see the shade 'Light', I think "how can I use this, it's too light". My skin color is medium, no too light and not too dark, and until now, I don't know which shade that suits me the most, I keep trying to find the right shade for my face.
 I forgot to take picture of the swatches on my hand, but I can tell you that the BB shade is lighter than my face color. BUT, when I blend it to my face, the color seems to blend to my skin tone and not too light. I love it. The coverage of this medium coverage but you can build the coverage to cover more of dark spot. This BB price is $39.00 or IDR 500,000.00. It's super expensive BB. I think I'm not gonna buy this, With that much money, I can buy a good foundation with full coverage. Absolutely not gonna buy this BB.

7. Formula X Nail Color - Ignite
sephora,com describe Ignite as 'Smoking Red', I prefer describe Ignite as 'dark bloody red'. This nail polish dries so fast and smoothly, I mess up my nail one and I have to touch it up, but when it dries, it dries smoothly, like nothing happened before. I love the formula, It stays long on my nail and need time to make it chipped.
pardon my messy nail..
This mini size (0.25 fl.oz/7.5ml) worth $10.00 or IDR 130,000.00 while the full size one worth $31.00 or about IDR 390,000.00.
I bet everybody already new the benefit of this product, it's blur out or minimize your pore appearance, and also make your skin fill so smooth. I love this item so much, and I'm definitely gonna buy it again after finish this one.
Some people on the internet talking about size this POREfessional tube. As you can see at "what's inside the box" picture above, there's paper thing to fill the emptiness on the benefit space.
After I see my friend POREfessional, the packaging changed, but the quantity inside stay the same.
mine is the small one
    This mini size (0.14 fl.oz) worth $10.00 or IDR 125,000.00 while the full size one worth $23.00 or IDR 287,500.
I love this mascara so much. I love every thing about it, the formula, the brush, the lengthening effect the volume effect. Maybe one thing that I don't like about it just the size, I wish I got the full size of it. I think I gonna buy the full size one after finish this little baby.

There's two things about this perfume, smells good and expensive. This roller ball worth $25.00 or about IDR 312,000.00, so expensive for just a few milliliters of perfume. It's smell clean, fresh, feminine and classy at the same time. I love it so much, but I'm not gonna buy this again, it's just too expensive for me. If I need to choose an expensive perfume, I go after Gucci. I love Gucci perfume.

I love the smell of this lip balm, smells good even I don't know how to describe the smell, it smells like cola or fanta or some soft drink, I'm not pretty sure. As you can see the color of the product is pretty red, but the color isn't showing in my lips. Maybe because my lips are so dark, I got the mini size of it. The full size one worth $22.50 or about IDR 280,000.00, and this sample size worth about $12.00 or IDR 150,000.00. So expensive for just a chapstick. The hydrating effect is good, not sticky and my lips feel smooth, I use it under my lipstick or lip cream. I love it, but I'm not gonna but this again.

I don't know how to make this spray work. I still trying to find a right way to use it since there's a lot people say that this is a good stuff. This little bottle here contain 50 ml and worth $15.00 or IDR 187,000.00. I a bit curious about this spray when I first saw it on the kit, but I'm not gonna buy this again.

So, That's all I got from this kit. This kit is a fun way to try new product without pay full price of it. As you can see that if I bought each item separately, it's cost me more that what I spent for this kit. I love most of the product included in this kit, but I'm gonna repurchase most of stuff here because I think it's overpriced, and I have another affordable alternative.
I wish next year kit will included lipstick by any brand and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade and tinted brow gel because I really want to try it.
If you want this kit you can find it on ebay or go find a personal shopper and ask the to bought this kit for you. Last thing I can say that this kit is worth to buy, great stuffs with great price.

*This is re-post from my other blog, posted 12 December 2014*

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